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Research and development of electronic products

Design of customized electronic products

Our research and development team has many years of experience in the design and development of electronic products, printed circuit boards and softwares. This unique expertise will enable you to receive the technical support you need in order to put your plans into action. Moreover, we have a detailed knowledge of the standards to be fulfilled in many sectors of activity to meet with the most demanding requirements and to ensure that the end product is ready to be distributed. You can thus be sure that your products will be designed by optimizing production and marketing methods in addition to building a trusting partnership – which is of the utmost importance for us!

Electrical engineering

Creation of customized electronic devices

Mechanical engineering

Conception and development of parts, design, etc.

Software engineering

Design of software systems and web applications for your electronic products

How Nova Biomatique helps you develop your products

We turn your ideas into reality by finding the best ways to make them happen! By entrusting us with the design of your products, you can be sure you will get a support tailored to your situation. Working with a team accustomed to the most demanding projects will also give you incomparable peace of mind.

Project analysis and evaluation

Our team will take the time to discuss every detail of the project with you. They will also assess the various scenarios involved in your product design including the components to be used, the standards to be respected and the costs to be expected.

Software development (embedded | firmware)

We develop software that meets the requirements and the specific features of each product. We design user interfaces and customized operating systems so that you can easily operate the products or view data in real time.

Industrial design

Our team will study your project to develop a design that optimizes costs and promotes the integration of desired functionalities. We then choose the most appropriate and best adapted electronic architecture.


Our team leaves nothing to chance! We carefully test every aspect of our products. The prototypes are ready to be put into production in order to evaluate their functionality. You will thus receive a product ready to be evaluated without having to worry about potential bugs or technical problems.


Once they have been tested, the prototypes are sent to you so that you can put them to the test and use their functions and features. We will then fine-tune the product up until it perfectly meets your expectations and needs.

Production launch

Our team will help you through the tests, the certifications and the compliance criteria needed to get your products on sale quickly and hassle-free.


Our team will help you through the tests, the certifications and the compliance criteria needed to get your products on sale quickly and hassle-free. We can meet the most demanding requirements for electronic products.

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Our experts will help you determine the best scenarios to bring your products to life! We will offer you solutions tailored to both your situation and your budget. Come innovate with us!

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